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THE Rooms

     Rates include breakfast and sunset "Apéro" drinks on the main terrace everyday. We have two types of rooms, the garden rooms and the pool rooms. Prices vary between "low" and "high" season.

Garden Rooms

2 nights minimum*

plus 4% Tax*

These easterly facing are nestled amongst the fruit trees and look over the sunrise coming up through the mountains. These rooms benefit from a charming private entrance and a chic, rustic ambiance...

The Queen of Hearts Room

With big beautiful windows and solid wood furniture, The Queen of Hearts Room is quiet and peaceful. Nestled amongst the fruit trees, this room is perfect for those seeking a bit more privacy. 

The Indigo Room

Dashes of indigo hues accentuate a view of the Atlantic Ocean peeking between the Easterly mountains. A calm room sharing a rustic stone courtyard.

The Sunrise Room

A smaller room with its own charming patio facing the sunrise over the tops of the surrounding hills. Shaded under the avocado tree, the Sunrise Room is cozy. 

The Turtle Room

Located in the main house with a view over the front garden, The Turtle room, so called for its proximity to the turtle den, is bright and spacious. 

Pool Rooms

2 nights minimum*

The westerly rooms face the sunset and island below. Chose between 3 spacious and stylish rooms with grand, spa-like bathrooms. These rooms are just off of the communal and clothing-optional pool/Jacuzzi deck. 

plus 4 % tax*

The Gecko Room

The Gecko room, so named after the sleek blue-green color on the wall and also because it sounds cute. This chic room has the cozy corner of the pool deck. 

The Jungle Room

Natural wood tones and sumptuous green tones create a soothing environment in this rather large room. Sprawling along the pool deck, The Jungle Room is spacious and inviting. 

The Sunset Room 

 Located in the main house overlooking the pool, the Sunset room combines vintage charm and modern accents. 

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